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The truth of the matter…

I know that I cannot be the first to ask this question, but why is it that people think a way to protect someone is to lie? What is it about withholding information that makes people think that the blow will be any less? I have always been one of the most forgiving people, however, the one thing I cannot get past is a lie. I think that I may see lies as more than a simple omission or bending of the truth, but rather, more as an individual deciding that you aren’t worth the truth. And to be perfectly honest, that sucks.

There is so much rooted in that idea. Worth. We as humans tend to allow our perception of our worth to become based solely upon the actions and opinions of other people. Why is that? Why are we unable to just look at ourselves in a mirror and realize how great we all are? I have always looked to others to validate any feelings of worth that I have, and I am coming to realize that living that way is horribly painful. I spend entirely too much time making sure that everyone around me is happy, instead of taking some time to make sure that I am happy. 

Anyways, back to the point of this, we need to stop thinking that keeping truth from people will protect them. I can guarantee you, it will do the exact opposite and create so so much more hurt that goes so much deeper than coming forward with the truth. Honesty truly is the greatest quality that a person can possess. Honesty shows responsibility, respect for others, and that you are deserving of respect. 

Speaking of respect, always stick true to what you know to be right. Bending your moral pillars in order to please another person will end up deepening the hurt that is sure to follow. 

On the brighter side, I have finally packed up and left Humboldt County to enjoy some sunshine and clear this cluttered brain of mine. I always forget how much I truly start to miss these roads. There really is nothing like getting in the truck and driving out by the pastures and taking time to get back to you. Always remember the things that keep you anchored. 


Anonymous asked:
Well, you just have to nut up and actually say yes to a decent date on Tinder. Just watch out for the creeps and douchebags.

It’s a good point you make, Anonymous. I am just going to have to say yes. And steer clear of the creeps and douchebags.

What to look forward to this week…

Hi all!

So, I am super excited because I have an interview tomorrow for a job that I am extremely excited for. So I’ll be sure to let you all know how that goes. 

Also…This week I am going to be putting together my recipe for my Vodka Pasta, which, if you haven’t yet had, is amazing. So simple, yet completely satisfying. It may take a little while though, because I do this out of my head, and never measure anything. Who would have thought photographing food would be so difficult, as well. It is truly an art form. If you guys can think of anything you’d like to see recipes for, let me know, and I more than likely have a recipe for it! 

On a funny note, I joined Tinder, the iPhone dating app. I cannot stop laughing at myself for it. In reality, though, I think it will be a good thing for me. I have never really been one to put myself out there, and as many Tinder profiles have told me “you miss 100% of the shots you never take.” I don’t think I’m going to find the man I’m going to marry here or anything, I just think it is a great way for me to be introduced to the dating world. 

For those of you who don’t know, I went through a terrible breakup this past January with my first love. As I am sure you all could imagine from your own experiences, it was awful. I was convinced that I was going to die alone, I thought I would never be able to love someone again, and I felt more isolated than I ever have in my life. You know how we can be, thinking we are the only ones in this world going through what we are going through. Eventually I found someone else who ultimately taught me, clearly not intentionally, that it is okay to move forward, it is okay to feel like you have worth, and it is okay to speak your mind about how you feel about things. Needless to say, the past eight months have been an incredible learning experience for me, and I want to keep moving forward on this journey. 

Now, I don’t know if you noticed, but earlier, I said “introduced to the dating world,” and there is a really important reason why I chose the word introduced. My first relationship happened incredibly quickly. We met and virtually got together. There is nothing wrong with that, however, I realized that after two and half years, I had never gone on a date. Even when we were dating we still didn’t date. I was at a bar not too long ago, and a guy came up to talk to me, and it hit me, I have never learned how to talk with the opposite sex (all my male friends are not included in this because you were instantly friend-zoned and there is not stress talking to guy friends). Those of you who really know me will laugh out loud when I say this, but, I am a really shy person. Until I know you, then all hell breaks loose and you can’t shut me up (I am my father’s daughter, you know). 

So, I have swiped right (indicating you have an interest) for a couple guys and upon them initiating conversation, except for that one time Megan and I wrote a guy because I was drunk and thought he was cute, I am coming to realize, that at 21-years-old I am just as bad at talking to the opposite sex as ever. Those who know me will tell you that I am pretty mature in many aspects of life, but I have come to realize, in focusing on school and my career, I have missed out on a lot of social education. I mean, I’m pretty sure I never came out of my ugly duckling phase until college, because guys didn’t talk to me until then, but still, I have missed out. 

I guess that my ultimate goal with Tinder is to get comfortable talking to guys and gain some confidence in myself. It is kind of cool to see that these guys thought I was interesting enough to swipe right. It builds my confidence that there is someone out there for me! Even though I know there are, it’s nice to have evidence that people might be attracted to me! 

I’ll definitely keep you guys up to date on this journey. It has been fun and funny all at the same time. 

Keep your eyes peeled for that recipe coming out! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. 


A little about me

Welcome to my blog!

This is a project that I have been debating starting for a while, and I think it is finally time that I take the plunge. I am a twenty-one year old girl on a journey to find out more about myself, others, and all of the wonders life has to offer. I think that one of the greatest joys in life is finding people who are struggling to find their place, just like you, and realizing you are not alone, and that you will get through it. These people you meet can greatly influence who you are and what you will become, all because you found that you have gone through some of the same things. That’s what I want to do, here. I want to show you all what I have been through, what I am going through, and how I am getting through it, in hopes that maybe one day, someone will read this and feel like they are not so alone. 

That isn’t to say that this blog is going to be a bunch of me complaining about things that are happening in my life, because I don’t think that a blog is the place for that, that is what pedicures with best friends are for. I want this to be a place that I can share my human experience with others, and where they can share theirs with me. 

I have always been very honest and straightforward about the things that I have going on in my mental health department for the reason that I am not ashamed to say that I am dealing with these things. I have a couple anxiety disorders, OCD, as well as a battle with depression that has been a struggle over the past couple of years. I think that people can be so afraid to talk about these things because they are afraid that they will be judged, or that people will see them as weak, but I can guarantee you that you’re not alone. There are few things as isolating as feeling trapped with a problem you are too ashamed to speak about, so, I feel that I must help to destigmatize what it means to have these problems. 

One of the things that I love to do, more than anything, is cook. I find it to be so much fun to have a fridge full of fresh ingredients, cabinets full of spices and time on my hands to create something amazing. I love to take dishes most people find boring and create new and fun ways to enjoy them. I love to find recipes so that I can practice and change them into what I think is the perfect meal. Food is one thing I think everyone is ultimately able to relate to. We all love food. I mean, I don’t know a single person (that eats meat) whose mouth doesn’t water just a little bit at the smell of bacon. Food is an incredible way to connect with others and to bring people together. 

I absolutely love to entertain, if you are ever in Arcata and want a good meal, you can come find me and we will eat great food and drink great drinks! 

I think that life can become so complicated sometimes, and it is always important to take a step back. If you don’t, you can end up missing out on the life that is happening around you! 

Keep your eyes peeled for tasty recipes, fun and sneak peeks into the crazy world around me!